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XpressO is a quick and fun digital self-assessment designed for the general public to easily assess cognition on their own device.

Desktop, tablet, and smart phone versions are available.

Test taker receives clear and simple report stating low or elevated risk of cognitive decline. Cognition can be self-monitored over time and serial test results can be tracked.

In only 7 minutes, ease the mind of the “worried well” and detect cognitive decline early on, with multiple cognitive domains assessed:

  • Processing speed
  • Executive functions
  • Memory

Currently available for pilot projects and research studies.
Visit the XpressO portal for the general public

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  • Strong association w/ standard MoCA
  • ~85% accuracy in predicting MoCA score of < 25/30
Moca duo 1
  • Accelerate case finding.
  • Focus on appropriate candidates for a clinical trial or treatment.
Moca duo 1
  • Reach the world.
  • Culturally adaptable and capable of pre-screening millions of patients per day.
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  • Integration ready
  • With your preferred EHR, ePRO, or eCOA platform.

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The most advanced version of MoCA’s digital application for in-person administration.

Designed to be easier to administer than the paper version, with automated features available, saving time for clinicians and researchers, and live instructions ensuring greater standardization. Available languages: English, French, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
Free version for healthcare professionals and academia. No training required due to automated features.

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  • Draw on screen with finger or stylus—or use device camera to photograph drawing on paper
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  • Automatic scoring (“Trail Making”, “Cube”, “Clock”, “Naming”, “Subtraction”, “Fluency” questions)
  • On-screen instructions adapted to previous answers provided
  • Suggestions appear for rater to select correct answer more quicky
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  • Easy file creation and patient result storing for future review
  • Tracking of time spent on test and per question
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  • Section for rater notes on each test
  • Hibernation mode and auto save features provide security and prevent data loss
  • Quick export and import of results to EHR (paperless)

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“...This study establishes adequate convergent validity between the MoCA and eMoCA among an adult population presenting with memory concerns.”

(Berg et al, 2018, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease)

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Moca Duo-VC

Easily and efficiently administer MoCA by videoconference with Duo-VC.

Includes on-screen instructions and automatic scoring engine. Seamless integration with EHR, eCOA or ePRO is available. Equivalence to in-person administration supported by peer-reviewed studies.

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Coming Soon!

For self-administration on subject’s own device at any location.
Rater can review from anywhere—in real-time or afterwards—with advanced automatic scoring features.

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