why get certified


The one-hour Training & Certification module was conceived to maintain MoCA’s superior validity and was designed for busy medical professionals.

  • Care providers and researchers of all backgrounds will gain applicable knowledge of neuroanatomy and the cognitive domains that MoCA assesses.

  • You will become more confident in administering MoCA and explaining results to patients and families.

  • You will receive a unique MoCA ID number and certificate. Your name and certified status will automatically appear on the tests you administer.

Successful completion of the official Training & Certification is mandatory for anyone administering paper based MoCA tests. We found only 33% of users have acceptable proficiency prior to MoCA Certification, compared to 79% after completing training only once

Training & Certification is now free for students, faculty members, academic researchers and publicly operated healthcare institutions. (Proof of status is required).

Training & Certification program is free for full-time employees of publicly operated institutions.